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7 genius first birthday gift ideas your kids will use for years

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What do kids really like at one year?

Finding the perfect birthday present for a baby boy or baby girl very first birthday can be really hard.

One year is a really fun age and there are literally thousand of toys out there for one year old babies.

The first birthday also makes your baby a toddler.

But what do brand new toddlers really like to play with?

Speaking from my personal experience these were the absolute favorite gifts my daughter got for her first birthday.

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Wooden Puzzle

This is the exact wooden puzzle my daughter got gifted for her first birthday.

She loves farm animals and we make the animal noises every time we play with it.

The big knobs on each piece make it very easy for little toddler hands to pick up.

While she was not too interested in it at first she absolutely loves solving this puzzle now.

Puzzle are a great way to help your kids fine motor skills.

Board Books

Board books are perfect for those rough toddler hands and are very hard to rip or destroy.

We LOVE books – everyone should read books to their toddler.

Having a book read to them helps their listening and communication skills and supports the speech development.

This set of books is our current favorite.

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Toys from “Little people”

This was one of the toys we got my daughter for her first birthday and it has been in use ever since.

The farm makes different noises and has a farm bell they can use.

It comes with a cow, chicken, pig, horse and the farmer plus some food for the animals.

Since my kid loves farm animals it was a total no-brainer which set to get her.

Overall toys from fisher price little people are amazing for toddlers – they have many different sets that you can attach to each other.

Tent and tunnel

This was her present from her great grandpa and let me tell you – this was the best idea ever.

We have so much fun with this tent and yes you can find me crawling trough that little tunnel too.

At first my kid was a bit hesitant with the tunnel but warmed up to it and started crawling trough.

We love to sit inside to read a book or she will sit inside while I “hide” next to the entrance to surprise her.

This particular tent and tunnel also came with some princess accessories that go perfect with the princess dress we made.

There are different colors/designs available.

Pull Toys

Walking around while pulling a toy behind you seems to be so much fun for a one year old.

This little puppy is the perfect present for boys and girls to pull around wherever they go while making fun music.

Counting Piggy bank

Even I love this toy.

You can fill the little piggy bank up with the 10 colorful coins and it counts every coin you throw in there.

When you push the nose it makes funny noises and sings songs for you and of course you can open the piggy bank in the front.

It may take some time until your kid figures out how to get the coin in the slot but then it’s lots of fun.

It has different levels and even teaches your kid spanish words too.

We still use this toy a lot and my daughter starts dancing every time the piggy plays a song.

Building Blocks

I feel like building blocks are always a great gift no matter how old the child gets.

We love to build houses or little stables for her play horses to live in.

She also like to push over tall building and put blocks on each other by herself.

The building blocks actually keep her occupied for a while.

When I think back to my childhood we loved to play with blocks like these for many years so this is definitely a great investment.

Did your child have a amazing gift?

Let me know in the comments what your kids loved for their first birthday.

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