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The 27 best frog books for preschoolers

Frogs are cute little creatures and fun to learn about for preschool aged kids.

I know for sure my toddler loves frogs.

There is just something about their long sticky tongues and quirky nature.

Jumping around on their long legs that makes frogs a fun animal to learn and read about.

Books in general and reading to your child is a great way to help with the development of their speech and listening skills.

Exploring books on their own can help their imagination and improve the reading skills of reading beginners.

This list includes 27 of the top rated frog books for preschool that you and your kid will love.

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Books about frogs for preschoolers

1. I am a frog

This colorful book teaches your child the whole life cycle of a frog from birth and being a tiny tadpole to the finished grown frog.

2. Little green frog

The green little frog takes your child on an adventure and introduces them to his friends that also live at the pond like ducks or fish.

Sturdy little Board book with flaps that uncover more illustrations and information about frogs perfect for little hands.

3. I don’t want to be a frog

Is the story of a little frog and his dad and the top pick for frog books by teachers.

The little frog wants to be all kind of other animals but not a slimy, wet frog.

It gives your child the great message that it is good to be themselves.

4. From tadpole to frog

From the small eggs to the frog – this book explains to your kid how frog grow with lots of high resolution photos and very short sentences that make the information easy to digest for new readers.

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5. Five green and speckled frogs

Your preschooler can sing along the popular nursery rhyme while learning to read.

Fun and colorful graphics of frogs make this book really delightful to read.

6. The wide-mouthed frog

This cute book tells the story of a wide-mouthed frog that loves to learn about what other animals that can be found outdoors.

Until one day he meets a creature that just loves to eat wide-mouthed frogs.

7. Explore my world frogs

This book by national geographic kids will show your kid a variety of different frogs with the most important information about each frog.

8. Frog on a log?

Frog on a log is all about rhymes.

Filled with absolutely adorable illustrations this book reminds of the style you can find in Dr. Seuss books.

9. Dog on a frog?

The sequel of frog on the log continues with fun rhymes with a twist – the frog is changing the rules.

10. The frog who lost his croak

You guessed it – this book is about a frog that wakes up morning and discovers that he lost his croak.

Of course he has to go and find a way to get it back with a fun adventure.

11. Oscar and the frog

While this book has a cat as main character it still teaches a lot about frogs.

Oscar the cat is very curious and wanders to the pond to find out more about the animals that live there.

He comes across a frog that can teach him everything he wants to know.

12. Freddy the frogcaster

Freddy the little frog is fascinated about the weather.

He wants to be the best frogcaster in his town and one day has the chance to safe the day with his knowledge about weather.

A very engaging book that teaches your preschooler a lot about the weather.

13. Do frogs drink hot chocolate?

How do animals survive cold winter temperatures?

You can be sure to find the answer in this fun book that gives your child valuable information about how animals – including frogs – deal with cold weather.

14. Froggy plays soccer

Froggy is a young frog with a big soccer game coming up.

But he get’s distracted during the game doing all kinds of other things but paying attention on the field.

15. I don’t want to go to sleep

We already know this frog from the book “I don’t want to be a frog”.

This time he learns that frogs hibernate during winter and tries to come up with excuses to not have to sleep during winter because he thinks he is missing out on all the fun in the snow.

16. Substitute frog

One day the elementary school has to call in a substitute teacher called Mr. Frog.

But to the big surprise of everyone Mr. Frog is a actual frog!

17. Prince of a frog

This book tells the story of hopper – a frog that just doesn’t fit in with all the other frogs at the pond.

One day a wise turtle tells him that maybe he is a prince and that is the reason he is not like the other frogs.

So hopper goes on a journey to find a princess.

18. The lucky green frog

The lucky little frog doesn’t know how lucky he truly is and likes to complain a lot about…well, everything.

But one day he meets a mouse that challenges him to stop complaining.

19. A frog’s life

Your preschooler will learn about frogs in general and how they are able to breathe under water AND on land.

Along with lots of great graphics that make learning about frogs super simple and easy.

20. Pocket frog

A little book that is part of a whole series of small books that are perfect for on the go.

The series of books is called pocked pals because they easily fit into a pocket shaped in the form of the animal is teaches your kids about.

These little books are filled with information in very simple text.

21. Froggy goes to camp

This time froggy is taking us with him to camp.

While he is having a great time he is also enduring a variety of funny mistakes like losing his trunks during swim class.

22. Frogs

Another teacher favorite filled with educational information about the life cycle of frogs, how they live, their body parts and many more.

23. Jump!

Everyone jumps to safety in this book.

The bug has to flee from the frog, the frog from the cat and so on.

A great way to teach your child about repetition.

24. Hop frog

Hop frog is a book from the bright owl books that concentrate on different vowels in each book.

Your child will learn about the short “o” vowel sound.

25. Hoppity frog

A great way to help your toddlers motor skill development with slides that reveal important parts of the story.

26. 10 little frogs

The little frogs are all sitting on a log when a shooting star passes by them.

Each frog makes a wish and goes on his own little adventure.

A great book with lots of rhymes and counting.

27. Frog and fly

The frog and the fly are good friends if there weren’t the problem that the frog would love to eat the delicious fly.

Six short comic-style stories show the never ending battle.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of books about frogs for preschool kids and were able to find a fun new addition to your home library.

Let us know in the comments if we missed a book that has to be on the list.

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27 frog books for preschool aged kids

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