Why you should let your kids use coloring pages

Why is coloring good for toddlers? [with free coloring pages]

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Did you know that coloring has many benefits for toddlers?

Coloring is one of the favorite things to do for young children – especially toddlers and preschool aged kids.

I am pretty sure you have some kind of scribble or picture drawn by your child at home on the fridge.

But what exactly are the benefits or coloring in coloring books or on coloring pages for toddlers and preschoolers?

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1. It helps preschoolers to practice their pencil grip.

When toddlers and preschoolers color they have to hold their crayon or pencil which helps their fine motor skill development and prepares them for a great pencil grip once they start elementary school.

2. Hand strength development

Us grown up adults are so used to having lots of hand strength that we sometimes forget that those muscles we use on a daily basis for writing, typing and other things are not developed much in those little toddler hands.

Why do we need hand strength?

It is needed for pretty much everything you do with your hands but it is especially important for handwriting.

Coloring is a great start to help those muscles grow strong.

3. Focus!

When kids color they have to focus and concentrate on what they are doing.

Being able to focus is a very important skill to have throughout all our lives.

You need to focus in school, your job or university and even with your hobbies on your freetime.

It makes it so much easier to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel when starting a big project.

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4. Helps creativity flow and self-expression

When kids color they can use every bit of their creativity.

There are no rules when it comes to drawing and coloring.

Your kid wants to color the dog in pink? – Go for it.

A blue Banana? – Sure, why not.

Giant sized front door on a tiny house? – absolutely.

When drawing kids can make completely independent decisions on how their final picture will look like.

They are the creators in full control from choosing the perfect color and shapes for their pictures to expressing how things look like in their eyes.

They are able to express their emotions through drawing on a piece of paper.

Preschoolers can use drawing and coloring as a way of telling their story.

Drawing is also great when your kid is non-verbal or just can’t use big words or express themselves verbally that good.

They also learn their colors while drawing.

5. Fun

Coloring is simply fun to do.

Even us grown up adults enjoy coloring pages and coloring books as a calming exercise.

You can find hilarious coloring books for adults in every store now.

5. Easy and inexpensive

Yes, it’s great for us parents too.

You can find super cheap coloring pages at the dollar store around the corner nowadays and tons of free printable coloring pages you can download and print in the comfort of your home.

Crayons and pencils can also be found in every dollar store even though I am a strong believer that the original Crayola crayons are well worth their money.

They just color so much nicer.

Coloring is a great activity that can be done at home, at restaurants, during traveling on the plane or in the car and needs little to no preparation.

These coloring pages below are all completely free and available for instant download and print.
Click below the pictures which ones you would like to open the pdf to download and print.

Flower coloring pages

Origami Animals coloring pages

Christmas dog coloring pages

Thanksgiving coloring pages

Halloween coloring pages

Pets coloring pages

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5 reasons to let your toddler color with free coloring pages

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