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The cutest Halloween costumes for babies

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Baby Halloween costumes for the best Halloween

Halloween is approaching soon so now is the perfect time to get THE Halloween costume for your baby.

Especially when you are a first time parent this is a exciting time to dress up your little baby boy or baby girl in the cutest costume you can find.

Sometimes it can be hard to get the outfit you have in mind or maybe it gets really cold or hot around Halloween where you live.

I was browsing the internet and found these absolutely adorable costumes perfect for you baby.

So if you are looking for cute Halloween costumes – keep reading.

No matter if you have a newborn baby or one that is about to be a toddler.

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This post is separated into two sections depending on if you live in a colder or warmer are around Halloween.

Click for costumes: in COLDER climate / in WARMER climate

Halloween costumes for COLDER climate

Stinkin’ cute skunk

A sweet little furry skunk is perfect for a baby boy and a baby girl when it gets really cold in the are you live in.

Sweetest Fox

Woodland animals in general are always popular for baby costumes. This absolutely adorable fox is also gender neutral and a bit lighter than the skunk.

Give me a ROAR

Your baby will be the king of any Halloween party with this adorable lion costume.

Are we in the jungle?

Let your baby be a little monkey swinging from tree to tree.

I wish I would’ve seen this costume earlier – it would’ve been THE perfect one for my daughter.

She absolutely loves monkeys and bananas.

No Llama Drama

With this absolutely to die for llama costume. I feel like this is more for a girl than a boy.

Mary had a little lamb

While this costume looks like it is made for more cold climate it is actually the perfect in between variation.

If it’s really cold – add pants and a long sleeve onesie under the costume.

If it’s warm – leave it as is.

Absolutely magical

This Unicorn costume is a 3 piece set with leggins, long sleeve shirt and the Unicorn romper.

When it gets too hot for your baby girl you can simply take the leggings and long sleeve off.

Safari alert

Have you ever seen a cuter giraffe than this one?

I’m kinda sad my daughter isn’t this small anymore – there are just too many cute baby costumes.


One of my mom friends had this exact owl costume for her daughter when we went to our mom and me class last year for Halloween and I can’t even express how adorable it looks in person.

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Halloween costumes for WARMER climate

Did someone say Disney?

These simple yet cute baby body suits with hat are the perfect Halloween costume for any newborn baby.

With all these different styles to choose from you can get the perfect costume for your baby boy or baby girl.

Disney princesses

I mean, who doesn’t love the good old disney movies?

These light body suits will transform your little baby girl into a cute Disney princess from your favorite movie in a a heartbeat.

One point for Gryffindor!

Let your little harry potter come to life with this two piece costume for baby boys.

It consists of a light short sleeve onesie and the Hogwarts cape.

“When you look at the dark side, careful you must be”

With the hype about the newest series “The Mandalorian” on Disney plus this baby yoda costume is a must-have for any parent that loves star wars.

If you haven’t seen the show – make sure to watch it.

Besides baby yoda you can also choose a different star wars design like a stormtrooper or darth vader.

DC comic nerds

Who doesn’t know Flash, Superman and Batman?

I already know if we had a little baby boy my husband would put him in the superman onesie.

Female Power

With all the male superheroes above we need a female superhero too.

Who is better than Wonder Woman for that?

Minnie Mouse

Actually this was one of the Halloween costumes I had for my daughter.

Yes, I had more than one costume…there are just too many options and all so adorable – don’t judge me.

We went to different Halloween events while some where chilly and other ones with super hot weather so it was actually great to have options.

This Minnie Mouse costume comes with the dress and headband included.

Chick chick

This is another one that can be used for warmer AND colder weather by using it as is or adding a long sleeve onesie and leggings under the costume when it gets too cold.

While this is a female chicken I could see it on a boy too.

Pumpkin Patch

Probably the most classic Halloween costume ever – a pumpkin.

It comes with the matching hat and socks and while it is made with warmer material it should work great in mild climate.

More pumpkins

With many different variations this three-piece Halloween outfit for newborns is the best way to go when you had your baby shortly before Halloween.

These first Halloween outfits come with pants and others without in short sleeve and long sleeve versions.

While most of them are made for baby girls you will find a few cute pumpkins that can definitely be worn by both genders.

Click for costumes: in COLD climate / in WARM climate

So which Halloween costume is your baby gonna rock this year?

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