Baby inside uterus

10 facts about pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the greatest things Once you find out about your pregnancy you might have a lot of questions in your head. That positive test can truly turn your whole world upside down. Here are 10 common questions about pregnancy with detailed answers.

When and how to introduce solid food

Time to start your Baby on solid food. Many doctors will tell you that you can start introducing solids or baby purées as early as 4 months but is your baby really ready? Most babies stomach is not fully developed for any other food than milk until they are about 6 months old.

Car Seat Safety

Keeping your baby safe while driving in the car A lot new parents don’t strap their baby in properly. Everyone with a kid should educate themselves properly about car seat safety. This can be a big issue in case of a crash. Worst case scenario your baby could end up being fatally injured.