new years eve with baby

Tips for a good New Year’s Eve with your baby

Start your new year the right way

New year’s eve with your baby – usually it would be time to get the booze ready and the new party outfit on.

Staying up all night partying into the new year.

That or similar might be how you spent your previous new years eve.

With a small baby it does not sound that appealing anymore when you have to be a fully functioning parent early in the morning.

So how can you make the best out of new years eve with your new family member?

Throw a Party

Not your typical party.

More like a play date party.

Invite other parents and their babies or small children to celebrate the new year with you.

It would start a few hours earlier and obviously not involve any or very limited alcohol for the adults.

Chances are good that no parent was able to get a babysitter for new years eve to be able to go somewhere else.

So this could be a nice alternative and spending time with friends.

If you invite people to your house you are already where the party is and don’t have to pack the 1000 things you would have to take with you having a baby.

Your fellow parents will be happy to have plans including their kids and if everybody brings a food item you will probably end up with tons of leftovers and don’t have to cook for a few days.

New years day plans

Instead of partying altogether go to bed early with your family and rather make plans for new years day.

Like a nice brunch.

Starting the new year completely refreshed instead of hungover will be really nice too.

You can also stay awake while your baby is already in bed and watch the ball drop on TV with your significant other.

Maybe toast with a small glass of champagne and then head to bed and you will still be refreshed in the morning.

Or have a fancy dinner all dressed up as a family.

You can buy a special outfit for your baby to make the first new years day extra special.

Or make a outfit on your own.

Simply take a onesie and textile color or ink and go crazy.

That way you can have your Baby make a hand print or footprint on the onesie too as a nice memory.

New year's eve firework

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Start Traditions

Growing up we always had the same tradition on new year’s eve.

Up to this day with my spouse and now our toddler we carry on part of the tradition.

With my family we would all sit together for dinner and have raclette.

Kids would get sparkling grape juice in champagne glasses to toast with the parents without feeling left out.

Even later on when we were old enough to go out for new years eve with friends we would still have dinner at home.

Another thing we did every year for as long as i can think – watching “Dinner for one”.

If you don’t know what i am talking about you should really check it out. It is a funny short sketch including Miss Sophie who is celebrating her 90th birthday.

BUT all her friends are long dead but still have their space on the table.

Her Butler James caters to every seat like there was a person sitting.

During the Dinner there is alcohol served to every guest with every course.

James will always ask “same procedure as last year” when miss Sophie will say “same procedure as every year” when Butler James starts drinking out of the cups… i don’t want to spoiler too much just watch it.

Actually it is a well known tradition in Germany.

The Storyteller at the beginning explains in German what happens but all conversation is in English. Enjoy!

Create a time capsule

A time capsule could include some of your Baby’s things from the first year of their life.

A diaper, pictures, small items or a outfit your baby has outgrown.

You can even write a letter to your baby that he or she can read in 10 years.

The letter could include some trends and current events, your hopes and dreams for your baby and favorite memories.

If you have a safe place bury it and if not keep it somewhere safe inside the house.

The time capsule can be opened by all of you together in 10 years on New year’s eve when your baby is grown.

Collect memories

Starting new year’s eve or day write down a good memory of the week or a new thing your baby learned every weekend.

Then fold the note and put it in a Jar or box.

Customize the box to your liking with glitter, paint, stickers etc.

The following new years day open the jar and read trough the notes what a amazing year you had last year.

I want to do this every year but so far never did.

I hope you like some of those ideas and hope you and your baby are having an amazing new years eve and a great start into the new year 2021!
See you all next year.


New year's eve with baby

What are you doing this new years eve?

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