Group Rules

Please read the rules completely before you agree to them.

No Spam

We want to share our success with sewing baby items and not read about how to make money in 3 days or other very unrelevant posts.

If you do post spam in the group you will get blocked without warning.

I encourage all group members to report posts like that if I don’t see them right away.

You can easily report a post by clicking the 3 dots in the corner and click report to group admin.

No self promotion

I do not want the group to be flooded with self promotion.

You can share your DIY tutorials and helpful ideas with the group even if they are on your own youtube channel or website as long as they are beneficial to our group.

If you have a business, boutique or website with sewing baby items or selling the materials for it you are allowed to self promote on WEDNESDAYS only and under the Wednesday thread.

Be kind

The group brings all of us together over being passionate to sew baby clothing or accessories.

There is absolutely no reason to be rude to any other group member.

We are a community and should behave like one.

No hate speech or bullying

This one should be self-explanatory.

Every member of the group should feel safe in our group. Bullying and degrading comments or posts towards race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated and result in a warning.

After the warning you will be blocked from the group if it happens again.

Respect everyone’s privacy

What is posted in the group stays in the group.

You have no right to take screenshots to share them anywhere else or use someones pictures as your own.

Occasionally members share pictures of their kids wearing the clothes they made.

These pictures are their own and you can not share them anywhere else.

If I find out you are sharing these photos somewhere outside of the group you will get blocked.

Sharing at your own risk

If you are sharing pictures of your kids in the group please be aware they can be copied.

Even though this is a group rule not to share any pictures I can not guarantee it won’t happen.

You can always censor your own photos by making the face unseeable.

Don’t share bought patterns

If you bought a great sewing pattern you can absolutely share the link to purchase it in the group.

But please do not share the actual pattern to any group member for free.

Doing so is a violation of the copyright and can get all of us in trouble.

Thank you!

Please follow all the rules and report members of comments of members that are not doing so if I don’t see them right away.

Let’s have fun creating even more adorable products for babies 🙂

After you’re done reading all these rules please confirm that you have seen them and agree before you can be approved in the group.